About Us

Serving since 1999 


Social Innovation is the bedrock of our culture. We believe in doing business differently to make a difference. Providing a luxurious necessity that automatically funds civil society, recycling dollars from the normal lifestyle purchases of the financially elite who seek to give back is our differentiator. We do this in a fashion that effortlessly leverages consumer spending that was going to happen anyway. We’re positioned to build bridges that span disconnected social circumstances and promote philanthropic responsibility throughout the world.

Dream Flights expunges a specific gap in the private jet industry - the gap between providing outstanding customer service and the ability to do business with signature integrity. All this coupled with an undying commitment to humanity.

We cater to C Level Executives of mid and large cap corporations, Athletes, A-List Entertainers, and High Net Worth individuals around the world.

Whether flying on-demand, on a prearranged charter flight, or as a Plus Card™ member you will experience renowned quality service while helping others in need through our philanthropic programs.

We excel in applying creative solutions to our underlying purpose of building up civil society, and we cordially invite you to join us in our philanthropic paradigm of investing 10 percent of our net product value back into society as a funding lens directed towards a charity, foundation, or community program of your choice.


Dream Flights International, flying the world to change the world.

At Dream Flights International, we are aware of a negative review that was published on a website infamous for libel. We would like to publicly declare that no such transaction transpired as reported in the review and that all allegations are absolutely false. Dream Flights International has taken legal action against the parties involved however due to US Laws the website cannot be held responsible for not carrying out the proper due diligence to verify the facts before the review was published. Dream Flights International stands by its' mission and vision with social innovation at its' core, we will always operate as a company with integrity as we continue to give back to communities, we shall continue to Fly the World and Change the World.