Featuring superior cruise speeds and the largest cabin in its class, the Beechcraft Premier IA is a high–value single–pilot business jet that excels in efficiency. Able to fly four passengers over 1,000 nautical miles or cruise at 500 miles–per–hour – 50 miles an hour faster that the nearest light–jet competitor – this single–pilot jet makes faster, multi–city trips a reality. This exceptional performance is made possible by the Premier IA's swept wing design and ultra–strong drag–reducing fuselage, which is fabricated with industry–leading lightweight carbon–fiber composite technology. By balancing performance, reliability and flexibility, the Premier IA demonstrates that the Plus Card™ is the smart choice for value–conscious corporations.


Seating: 6 Cabin Dimensions: 4.80 x 4.50 x 9.20 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 3010 lb Cruise Speed: 270 mph Maximum Range: 1321 Cruise Altitude: 30000 ft



In the Hawker 200, every journey is fast. Every journey is comfortable. And every journey is economical. Simply put, the Hawker 200 offers the performance, luxury, and efficiency every Plus Card™ member wants. No other single-pilot business jet offers a Hawker-class cabin. Spacious passenger seats provide the comfort of a living-room recliner, in a cabin with the largest cross-section of any in its class. The quiet cabin lets you conduct meetings without having to shout and is so tranquil you can catch an hour of sleep after a long day with no interruption. No single-pilot business jet exceeds the Hawker 200's performance. It gets you where you're going fast, making single-day, multiple-destination business trips much easier.


Seating: 5 Cabin Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.6 x 13.6 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 1680 lb Cruise Speed: 473 mph Maximum Range: 1050 Cruise Altitude: 45000 ft



The Hawker 400XP is the biggest and fastest light business jet in its class. By offering sophisticated flexibility and a spacious cabin, the Hawker 400XP has become a charter favorite. The U.S. Air Force also trusts a version of the rugged, reliable Hawker 400XP for advanced pilot training. Yet, with the Hawker 400XP, value and efficiency do not come at the cost of comfort. With meticulous design and craftsmanship, the unique "squared oval" cabin delivers more head and shoulder room for up to nine passengers, creating an ideal atmosphere for business.


Seating: 7 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 4.11 x 15.60 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 2050 lb Cruise Speed: 450 mph Maximum Range: 1465 Cruise Altitude: 45000 ft



At just under 340 knots (630 km/hr), the Mustang is an ideal balance of Citation good looks, performance and efficiency. It's pure-jet performance enables Plus Card™ members to take off from just 3,110 feet (948 m) of runway, climb swiftly to 41,000 feet (12,497 m) and fly 1,150 nautical miles (2,130 km). And with its more-than-ample storage area, advanced engine controls and sleek aerodynamic design, the Mustang is the bold, smart choice for an entire new generation of jet-aspiring aviators.


Seating: 4 Cabin Dimensions: 4.50 x 4.60 x 9.90 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 1200 lb Cruise Speed: 340 mph Maximum Range: 1150 Cruise Altitude: 41000 f



Not only is the CJ2 easy on the eyes, it is also fairly simple to fly while still delivering exceptional performance. The exterior of this phenomenal aircraft is outfitted with a number of safety and performance enhancing features. For one, it's unique T-tail design features a one-piece horizontal stabilizer, a fail-safe design that attaches to the top of the vertical stabilizer. This design makes the aircraft stable and safe to fly. In addition to the many safety and performance features listed above and below, the CJ2+ features exterior baggage storage compartments that provide convenient, ample storage space for extended business or pleasure trips. So Plus Card™ members can bring along what they want while keeping the cabin uncluttered. Better yet, you'll be flying in one of the safest, most reliable business jets in the air.


Seating: 4 Cabin Dimensions: 4.50 x 4.60 x 9.90 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 1200 lb Cruise Speed: 340 mph Maximum Range: 1150 Cruise Altitude: 41000 ft



With its T-tail and new wider-span natural laminar-flow wing, the CJ3 is configured for precise handling, performance and aerodynamic efficiency. Compared to a conventional wing, the computer-sculpted airfoil maintains an uninterrupted flow of air across a greater portion of its surface, producing a win-win combination of more lift with less drag. The net benefits: greater speed, longer range, faster climb and increased fuel efficiency. The same aerodynamic styling makes the CJ3 a ramp show-stopper even when it's standing still.


Seating: 6 Cabin Dimensions: 4.80 x 4.80 x 15.20 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 5,370 lb Cruise Speed: 417 mph Maximum Range: 1875 Cruise Altitude: 45000 ft



Time and again, Plus Card™ members have said that the Encore+ does an incredible number of things extraordinarily well. The updates, enhancements and new features throughout the Encore+ invite members to raise their already lofty expectations even higher. Not the least of which is increased performance and range. And with external compartments providing 43 cubic feet (1.21 m3) of storage space, you'll have room enough to store 810 pounds (368 kg) of gear, including large suitcases, golf clubs or several pairs of skis. So go ahead and get your hopes up really high. You will not be disappointed.


Seating: 8 Cabin Dimensions: 4.80 x 4.80 x 17.40 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 2,310 lb Cruise Speed: 417 mph Maximum Range: 1875 Cruise Altitude: 45000 ft



A leader in its category, the Learjet 40 XR aircraft elevates performance to a new level once again. Now, with an optional state-of-the-art Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS -LPV) capable Flight Management System (FMS), the Learjet 40 XR aircraft provides greater power to pilots via enhanced navigation capabilities and increased landing flexibility. What's more, the Learjet 40 XR is taking legendary performance even further with a range increase of 268 nautical miles. Flying at a brisk long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.75, this jet setter now soars 1,991 nautical miles nonstop, covering over 15% more distance than before.


Seating: 6 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 5.10 x 17.70 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 2,050 lb Maximum Range: 1723 Cruise Altitude: 51000 ft



Renowned in its category, Learjet 45 XR aircraft offer legendary performance and efficiency. Powered by enhanced engine performance Learjet 45 XR aircraft fly you to your destination faster than any jet in their class. Nothing short of awe-inspiring, the super-light Learjet 45 XR brings Plus Card™ members the world with best-in-class efficiency. Now, with an optional state-of-the-art Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS -LPV) capable Flight Management System (FMS), the Learjet 45 XR offers enhanced navigation capabilities and increased landing flexibility.


Seating: 7 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 5.10 x 19.80 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 21,500 lb Cruise Speed: 465 mph Maximum Range: 1969 Cruise Altitude: 51000 ft



With room for up to 9 passengers, a cruising speed of 455 mph and a range of 2,933 miles, the Westwind 1 is loaded with standard features that give extra capability and comfort to passengers and a special kind of comfort to the pilot. The engines are located well behind the spacious cabin, minimizing cabin noise. Plus Card™ members get up to twice the baggage space, extra headroom, wider tires, and much more.


Seating: 7 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 4.80 x 15.50 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 3,500 lb Cruise Speed: 492 mph Maximum Range: 2112 Cruise Altitude: 45000 ft