The King Air C90B masterfully combines comfort, performance and economy. Perfect for short trips, its runway capabilities allow you to fly into big cities or remote airports where most jets are unable to land.The comfortable pressurized cabin allows you to fly smoothly over most inclement weather and includes adjustable seating for 4, convenient hot and cold refreshment storage, and in-flight accessible baggage.


Seating: 6 Cabin Dimensions: 4.80 x 4.50 x 9.20 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 3010 lb Cruise Speed: 270 mph Maximum Range: 1321 Cruise Altitude: 30000 ft


The King Air 250 is the most successful turbine airplane in business aviation. Considered the workhorse of the skies, it can handle a maximum payload of 2,440 pounds and gives you access to runways many jets are unable to use. The King Air's exclusive "vertical oval" design provides superior head and shoulder room. Cabin amenities include executive seating for 6, convenient refreshment storage, private aft lavatory, an in-flight accessible baggage.


Seating: 8 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 4.60 x 16.80 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 3870 lb Cruise Speed: 289 mph Maximum Range: 1800 Cruise Altitude: 35000 ft


The King Air 350 is the executive luxury vehicle of the sky. This aircraft combines comfort, payload, speed, performance, mission flexibility, and economy. The double club seating arrangement allows for multiple group or individual work environments. Other amenities include luxurious leather seating, individual reading lights and air vents, expansive view windows, polarized window shades and sturdy retractable worktables. Located aft is a private lavatory as well as an in-flight accessible baggage area capable of holding 550 pounds of baggage or cargo.


Seating: 8 Cabin Dimensions: 4.90 x 4.60 x 19.60 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 2500 lb Cruise Speed: 313 mph Maximum Range: 947 Cruise Altitude: 35000 ft


PIAGGIO AVANTI ii With its sleek Italian design, incredibly high speed and large cabin, the P180 Avanti II jet charter provides busy business air travelers the luxury and quality charter flight they deserve. A lot can be said about the P180 Avanti II's unique aerodynamic design and luxurious amenities. A practical as well as plush aircraft, the turboprop has a 1,750 nautical mile range and staggering cruising speed of 400 miles per hour. It also boasts the largest cabin in its class, complete with a full lavatory. The Avanti II is also an exceptionally quiet aircraft, affording passengers piece of mind after a long day of business meetings.


Seating: 9 Cabin Dimensions: 5.75 x 6.08 x 14.92 (H-W-L) Max Payload: 1348 lb Cruise Speed: 400 mph Maximum Range: 1750 Cruise Altitude: 39400 ft