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Dream Flights Intl is honored to introduce you to the UHHM Plus Card™ Edition.  We excel in creating custom solutions that provide the most cost effective and flexible travel options in the industry with a greater purpose - Social Innovation.  As a socially responsible bespoke private jet service, we fly the world to change it.  The execution of our business model automatically directs a donation from every UHHM Plus Card™ Edition purchased for the Universal Hip Hop Museum. The result is an impactful funding lens that finances the civil society before tax dollars are ever applied. We are providing the mechanism and opportunity for you to recycle your normal lifestyle purchase into funding that would have simply flown away.   

At the Dream Flights we value relationships, excel at solving problems, and engaged in the relentless pursuit of excellence. We are confident that the UHHM Plus Card™ Edition will increase the productivity and growth potential of UHHM Plus Card™ Members; Flying privately while being socially responsible, simultaneously funding the Universal Hip Hop Museum in ways that move the culture forward.  Together we can fly the world to change it, and let that change continue with you.


To become a member email us at the address below...Hopefully we'll see you at Rolling Loud New York. (Oct. 28-30, 2021)


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Dream Flights Intl & Universal Hip Hop Museum

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Toll Free: (888) 328-0855 Ext. 200

Email: uhhmedition@DreamFlightsIntl.com

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