Your Fleet

Whether you are accessing our Club, "Pay As You Go", Plus Card™, or Premium Plus Card™ memberships; it is to your advantage that our services are “Class Specific” Verses “Aircraft Specific”.


The advantage of being “Class Specific” is that we canvas the entire classification of the aircraft that meet your requirements closest to your point of origin which eliminates the need for re-positioning fees, thus passing the savings onto you. Unlike our “Aircraft Specific” competitors, they often must re-position aircraft passing the cost to you without your knowledge. The following are a sampling of the pre-quaified aircraft within your fleet of 4000 that adhere to safety requirements higher than the FAA recommends;


Turbo Prop (4-9 PAX)

Light Class Jets (6-7 PAX)

Mid Class Jets (6-8 PAX)


Super Mid Class (8-10 PAX)

Heavy Class Jets (12-16 PAX)

Boeing Business Jets (16-33 PAX)

VIP Airliners (63-300+ PAX)