About Dream Flights International

Dream Flights International, Inc., provides bespoke private aviation charter services to some of the most discerning clientele worldwide. We are also pleased to offer the most flexible jet card program in private aviation services today, Plus Card™. Our team places customer service and comfort at the center of your experience with a strong commitment to professional integrity and social innovation.

All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing service for Dream Flights International™ clients must meet standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in addition to safety requirements set forth by Wyvern and/or ARG/US, the leading 3rd party safety auditing firms in the United States of America. Dream Flights International™ does not manage or operate aircraft on behalf of our clients. Aircraft are comparable to the US fractional fleet with an average age of 6 years or less.


At Dream Flights International, we are aware of a negative review that was published on a website infamous for libel. We would like to publicly declare that no such transaction transpired as reported in the review and that all allegations are absolutely false. Dream Flights International has taken legal action against the parties involved however due to US Laws the website cannot be held responsible for not carrying out the proper due diligence to verify the facts  before the review was published. Dream Flights International stands by its’ mission and vision with social innovation at its’ core, we will always operate as  a company with integrity as we continue to give back to communities, we shall continue to Fly the World and Change the World.


Social Innovation

Social Innovation is the strategic application of time, talents, and treasures toward the increase of civil society. It allows  individuals, corporations, organizations, and communities to participate in philanthropy at its best - built directly into our  business model. It pairs funding with organizations that are equipped to produce and provide working solutions, to a world full  of potential. We accomplish this by continuously applying profits to needs, generated via bespoke consumer services with  intentional and directed benefits.


Our strategy allows for the application of recycled consumer funds within local  communities, as well as organizations of social justice, health improvement, and human empowerment. In essence, we fly the  world – to change it.


Business Aviation and Social Innovation

Corporate giving. Philanthropy. Corporate Social Responsibility.

All of these wonderful concepts describe the types of operational activities that businesses and whole industries use to ‘give  back’ to their respective communities or legitimate social interest groups. These are all good ways to describe corporate giving,  but often materialize as after-thought tax break opportunities, indirect investments in future industry-specific professional  skills or education, or even basic political action group programs that feed the local or national corporate interest.


But Dream Flights International views philanthropic activity through the eyes of solving the big problems of society as you go  along your daily work. It should be designed as part of your natural day-to-day business. We believe in saving lives by feeding the hungry; Restoring safety and dignity by sheltering and protecting the vulnerable. Investing in and building up our current and developing leaders. We believe in Social Innovation.


A portion of each Plus Card™ sale or custom charter is donated to further the organizational goals of a charity, foundation, or community program of your choice.


Your Dream Flights team takes pleasure in providing you the most comfortable on-demand charter service. Whether for business or pleasure, our team can schedule your flight and arrange everything from ground transportation, lodging, and executive protection services as part of your package. 


Simply contact us and we’ll handle it from there. 


  • Supplemental Lift

  • Executive Retreats

  • Special Sports and Entertainment Events

  • Destination Weddings and Bachelor(-ette) Gatherings

  • Family Trips

  • And More!


Do you have your own Flight Department? You do now! Dream Flights offers exceptional convenience and flexibility for all your private jet needs. In today’s world, commercial flying entails a myriad of issues, including: extended check-ins, unnecessary connections, cancelled routes, costly layovers and lost baggage. In addition, there is a 20% chance that every commercial trip will be delayed or cancelled. Dream Flights allows you to avoid the delays, aggravation and mistreatment and to put your life and your schedule back in your control.

Request a quote at info@DreamFlightsIntl.com or by calling us Toll Free: (888) 328-0855 Ext. 112