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  • Where are your private jet services offered?
    We offer various private jet memberships to clients flying privately anywhere in the world. Additional services include but are not limited to custom ground transportation, yachts, luxury vacation homes, and executive protection services.
  • How many airports can Dream Flights fly into?
    Dream Flights International™ can land aircraft at more than 30,000 airports worldwide.
  • What safety standards does Dream Flights International adhere to?
    Please visit our Safety & Security page for full details.
  • What additional costs are included in the Membership Programs?
    This is one of our favorite questions... There are none! All fees: repositioning, fuel surcharges, wait time, crew transportation, overnights, landing and handling fees, customs, immigration, security, federal excise taxes and catering are included in our pricing.
  • Do my hours expire?
    This is another of our favorite questions. Unlike other membership programs Your Dream Flights hours are not annualized – as in they never expire.
  • Where are my funds held prior to utilization?
    All funds are held in a securitized non-operational account and drawn upon your utilization.
  • What is the registration process?
    Once you select the level of membership that best to suits your private jet requirements contact the Dream Flights team member with whom you have been corresponding. Dream Flights will send you a copy of your agreement for review and signature. Once you have concluded your review, please sign it and return the agreement and remit payment by wire transfer. Once we’ve received your signed agreement and payment has been confirmed you will have immediate access to your services. Dream Flights will send applicable membership information by FedEx within 7-10 business days. Your Virtual Personal Assistant VPA™ will guide you through the booking process and create a client profile that helps us get to know you and all your travel preferences. Call our toll-free number 1-888-328-0855 ext. 112, provide your membership & pin number to book your first flight.
  • How much notice do I have to give to reserve a flight?
    Call Dream Flights International™ Toll Free at 888-328-0855 Ext. 112 and we can have you in the air in as little as twelve hours.
  • Can I share my benefits with others?
    Absolutely yes! You can extend your benefits to anyone you choose.
  • Can I use different size jets in other plans?
    Yes! The purpose of the memberships is to maximize your private jet experience by providing you with unlimited aircraft class upgrades & downgrades with the flexibility of flying multiple aircraft simultaneously. Our quest is to make the convenience of traveling by private jet part of everyday life.
  • Why are the memberships a better option versus fractional programs or using a charter operator directly?
    Simply put, charter operators tend to be aircraft focused rather than client focused. When you work with a single charter operator, you get whatever aircraft is "on the lot" rather that the best aircraft for each mission. Every time a charter operator flies one of their own jets, they profit approximately 10-15% more than if they source an aircraft from outside resources. While that is great news for the ownership, it is not such great news for the customer. Our memberships are a sound and wise alternative to the huge investment and expensive maintenance of private jet ownership and fractional programs.
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